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  4. That’s a lot of love!! See you next month. ❤️♥️
  5. hahaha.. well, we have glass.. 😉 and the vitrigraph is working... 2 out of 4 ain't bad??? 😉 (but mostly we love YOU!! ;)!)
  6. Noooooo! I LOVE the flat lap. And the sand blaster. And cold working (!) and vitrigraph. And glass.
  7. Oh god, welcome to my world.. today has been spent taking the bloody flat lap apart, as we may have flooded the motor just before Christmas.. I despair... 😉
  8. All sorted! Thank you. These days I don’t do much bounce as splat though... could do with one year without anyone breaking anything. Please?! xx
  9. we did, didn't we Claire?? 😉 A bit concerned to hear about the bouncing though!!! Hope it didn't hurt too much!! All sorted now.. lol
  10. Sorry to hear Claire. I hope it's sorted out quickly for you.
  11. Hello. I’ve been cancelled and I’m sad because I like playing with you all. Can I still come and play? I thought I’d sent my deposit and when I asked about the other bit of payment my email kept bouncing back to me. Please can one of you lovely admin people get in touch? Xx
  12. Think after technical issues it’s been rescheduled for tomorrow night. 💜
  13. Liz goes Live tonight on the main site for the round up of last month, and what's on moving forward!
  14. Just head over the the main site, find Topic of the Month in the menu, join the chat (often works best as a guest) and listen to Liz round up last month, make a couple of announcements, and talk about next month's topic of the Month, "Slumping without Moulds" (very exciting!!!)
  15. Join us live for a discussion re October's TotM!
  16. Want to make sure someone sees a post? Then tag them in it.. they will be notified. All you have to do is use the "@" symbol, then start typing their username and a list of potentials will pop up for you to choose between, so even if you can't remember their full user name it might show you who you mean.. The other sort of tagging is the post itself. When you create a new topic, under the "Title" box is "Tags, + choose". By clicking on the "+", and box opens up and you can start writing a key word.. if it's been used before it will populate itself, but if it hasn't you can create a new one yourself.. use a word (or words) that will identify the principle gist of your post.. so people can easily find it in a search. So , if you look at this post, you will see a tag which says "tags".. 😉 Simples.
  17. They should all be there Jon.. even the aborted ones! 😉
  18. I've found a number of videos are available by clicking on Topic Of The Month too!
  19. Can you tell me if it is possible to watch all the previous Live Club Events (talks by Liz) or just the last one? I can only seem to find the last one? Thanks
  20. It's up again! Runs now until end of Sept. Same code as before though.
  21. OK that’s ideal. Thank you, I’ll try again in a couple of days 👍
  22. Don't panic Alison.. I'm going to extend the discount until the end of September.. will sort out the codes etc this evening after the Live event.
  23. Anyone know how to claim the discount on the Enamels? i tried a few days ago but loads were out of stock. I’ve tried again tonight and it says the code has expired. But it is still August (only just I know but ...) i couldn’t see anywhere to enter a ‘discount code’ so I put it in the Coupon Code area. Anyone know if this is right? Any advice appreciated, if I don’t sort it in next few hours I’ll loose the chance :(( Alison
  24. Glassy Liz

    Live !

    End of the month "round Up". September's Topic of the Month Launch, and a new Members Incentive to be unveiled! (hosted on the "Topic of the Month" Video page on the Main site)
  25. Sorry, out tomorrow evening, but have submitted some ideas. More than happy to go with the flow 🙂
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