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  1. djjbda


    Enjoy doing nothing @Glassy Liz, hopefully with a small G&T with it 👍.
  2. djjbda


    Thanks for letting me know @Glassy Liz. It must be tough doing everything yourself. Is there an update on the KFGC app?
  3. djjbda


    I have found information doesn't get transferred from the Live Events to written form. Those who can't make the Live Topic of the Month meetings just seem to miss out. I don't know why, whether it is to encourage as many people as possible to attend the live events or because transferring the information hasn't been thought of/there isn't anyone able to take the job. It is frustrating, I only found out I had won a prize weeks after the announcement because I couldn't watch the live event. I'm still waiting for it. Let's hope it's teething troubles and it will be sorted soon.
  4. Sorry to hear Claire. I hope it's sorted out quickly for you.
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